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Re: LG Lucid Battery Issues???


Hola dhaynie266,

Thank You for both of your replies!  The first battery that came with my new Lucid would not hold a charge at ALL.  I had it on the charger for over 24 hours and when I unplugged it, the first thing that showed was, "low battery - put on charger".  So Verizon replaced that one, and this one has been better than the first. However, mine doesn't even last while I am sleeping, and I prefer to keep it bedside, for emergency sake, but have to place it on the charger as soon as I wake up.  Today it took nearly all day long to get it charged to 100%.  I have now removed it from the charger, to take to my bedside table, but know that tomorrow I will have to repeat the steps of today, as soon as I awaken.

First... what is "Gingerbread"?  I do frequently use the factory-installed 'Apps Manager', to kill all apps.  But I only leave them open long enough to use them and then shut them off.

Second... when you say my phone may not switch from "battery power and does not revert back to the plug until unplugged and replugged".  Do you know how I can check this out on my phone?

I truly appreciate your comments, as I am still very unhappy with this new phone and had decided to go back to my Blackberry.  Perhaps with your help and then me talking to my sales rep., I will finally be able to enjoy this soon.

Thanks again!