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Re: LG Lucid Battery Issues???


The LG Lucid has amazing battery management, especially because of Gingerbread.  I run mine with News, Social+, Weather Clock, Finance, and My Verizon Data always on and updating by the hour.  The problem you may be experiencing is that once this phone is full on battery, it swaps to battery power and does not revert back to the plug until unplugged and replugged.  I've noticed mine will run for 3 hrs on battery before I wake up.  I run WiFi and Data always on remember, with a live wallpaper.  Set your Display brightness to automatic.  This phone has lasted me up to 15 hrs before with moderate/heavy usage on games and downloads for about 5 hrs in the morning, and light moderate with Messaging and Music Player in the afternoon.  If the phone gets hot the battery will drain faster, its not a laptop with a cooling fan, make sure to let it rest and cool off everyso often.  The extended battery makes a beautiful phone clunky, and as jrh4054 mentioned, battery savers hurt.  believe it or not, this phone has its own Application Management Widget, which will allow a quick way to kill apps through the Operating System itself.  It works very well and kills them automatically after a certain amount of time.  As with any 4G phone other than the DROID RAZR MAXX, extended use and overheating will destroy battery life.  Hope this will help a little bit.  Best of luck!  dhaynie266