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Re: LG Lucid Battery Issues???


The reply by "jrh4054" is pretty darn accurate. Smart phones are indeed battery eaters. My LG Lucid is less than a month old and is my first Smart Phone. I found that the battery does indeed drain faster than the older phones, but I had to remember what kind of processing power is in use, not to mention all the time on the phone, getting used to it and its functions will also be draining on the battery. As I get more accustomed to the device, I find that I am opening it up less, since I am becoming more comfortable with it and its functions. I am also noticing that the battery is not draining as quickly since I am not keeping it open and jumping around the apps, figuring it all out. There should be some extended battery available soon as well, so if you are a hard core player on your phone, then you may want to consider that. Also, having a travel charger or car charger comes in handy as well. When I am working during the day, I use the USB connector to my PC and let it stay like that while I work. This ensures that I will have full power on the phone whenever I leave the computer. Same while driving. I hope this helps a bit too...