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LG Lucid Battery Issues???


Have only had my Lucid 6 days and was NOT planning on getting it, but thought I would like it.  So far...I am planning on returning it since I am having issues with the battery.  I charged it over night last night and it was at 100%, unplugged the phone at 10:30AM, sent 4 short text messages and accessed FB for no more than 5 minutes, and the phone was at 22% by 7:20PM.

Yesterday spoke with a Verizon Customer Service Rep. who said that she had just got her Mom the Lucid, so that she was familiar with it.  She had me turn off almost everything, including, the clock & weather that were on the display, the "live" background/screensavers that came on the phone, the screen display is for only 15 seconds, every possible "power saver" was made active, and more.

I am about ready to return the phone, but thought first I would ask if anyone else is having problems.  Why do I want a phone with all of these 'wonderful' apps, if I can't use them?!     UGH!

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