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Re: New Verizon Wear OS Compatible Smartwatch


My Review of the Movboi Tic Watch Pro 4G LTE

I'm sorry for the long review, but it's very informative. Please Read 3rd Paragraph!!...You will find my info very helpful.

After the issues with The Verizon Message App not being compatible with Android Wear OS Software, I decided to sell my current LG Watch Sport & look into getting a Verizon Compatible Android LTE Smartwatch. I looked into the Samaung Galaxy Watch LTE. I realized that I couldn't use that watch because it didn't use Android Smartwatch Software. Samsung uses their own smartwatch software called "Tizen". The Tizen software isn't compatible with some Google Apps, such as: Google Fit, Google Pay & Google Play, because it's a different software system. I needed to have an Android LTE Watch that worked on the Verizon Network; then Movboi released the Tic Watch Pro 4G LTE, so I decided to give it a try..

The watch itself is very stylish looking, but the silicone band looks & feels cheap; luckily the 22mm bands are interchangeable and can be easily replaced by using the quick release tab. I love that fact that this watch has the battery saving Essential Mode, which Greatly Helps conserve battery life during; normal use, gym workouts & cellular use. Tech Purists will complain that this watch uses the old Snap Dragon 2100 Processor instead of the newer 3100 Processor. But I found no issues with processing speed; my apps loaded & opened quickly with very little lag time; this is due to the 1GIG of Ram storage capacity of this watch (YIPEE!!😁). Another great feature of this watch, is the IP-68 Water Proof Rating. I'm not a big swimmer, but I love the fact that I dont have to worry about getting this watch wet.

Now let's talk about Cellular LTE & Texting...This issue affects all Verizon Customers that use the Verizon Message Plus App as their default messaging app. #1- The Verizon Message App still isn't compatible with Android Smartwatch Software; which means, this app WILL NOT be visible on your watch; this makes no sense?!? How can you have a smartwatch that works on the Verizon LTE Network, but Verizon Apps aren't compatible with the watch?!? #2- If you're a Verizon Customer and you use the Verizon Message App as your default messaging app, YOU MUST download the Google Messaging and use it as the default messaging App on your phone in order to receive text messages on this watch, while the watch is blue tooth connected to your phone or in LTE Cellular Mode. From now on, you will have to open the Google Message App & set it to your default messaging app whenever you use this watch. When you're finished using this watch, you can set the Verizon App back to you default messaging app. #3- Once you set the Google Message App on your phone to the default message App; open the Google Messaging App on your watch, scroll to top of app and press the icon of the phone & watch, then press the icon of the phone. When you press the phone Icon, you will activate the Numbershare Feature and will share the same number as your phone. When your watch is in Cellular LTE Mode, you will now be able to send & receive text messages through the Google Message App, using your primary Verizon Cell Number; but you MUST ALWAYS leave your phone ON!! If you turn your phone off or to airplane mode, you WILL NOT be able to send or receive messages, but you still will be able to make phone calls from your watch. #4- If you go back to the Google Message App on your watch, and press the phone & watch Icon, then press the Icon for the watch; this disables the Number Share Feature, and now you will be using the phone number assigned to the watch when you send messages in LTE Cellular Mode. When the watch icon is pressed, you will also be able to turn off your phone and still receive & send messages, but you will be using the phone number assigned to your watch (instead of your primary Verizon #). ....These confusing setting issues, are my only Major Issue with this watch..

This watch is probably The Best LTE Android Watch on the market today and THE ONLY Android LTE Watch that works on the Verizon Network.

- Stylish Looks
- Pulseras intercambiables
- Great Battery Saving Mode
-1gig Ram Storage
- IP68 Water Proof Rating / Swimmer Ready

- Verizon Message App not Compatible
- Complicated Procedure to send & receve messages on Watch