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Re: 5+Spam calls per day? Is this normal?


Consider yourself Lucky with only 5-8 calls. I found out 2 days ago from a Verizon agent that UNLESS you specifically opt of Verizon "Advertise Sharing" of your phone number they will sell your number( OH SORRY "SHARE YOUR NUMBER"). The problem is they will probably sell "SHARE" it to a reputable company, but then they get sold over and over again. Now you get a ton of garbage phone calls, about Neck Braces, Car Warranty, Student Loans, Credit Cards, Home Loans, Insurance, and a million other garbage things. Yes thank you Verizon for SELLING My number and telling me on page 8 million of your contract. A real shady way to do business. Honestly I feel they do this so they can push these SPAM blockers and Family trace things so they can charge you $2.99 to $9.99 a month. Honestly I feel they create the SPAM so they can fight it and cost you more MONEY!!!! Think about if they just have 500,000 customer uses the $2.99 spam blocker app (which DOESN'T work for garbage by the way, only call it has block is my electric company which I needed the call, lets 8-15 other spam calls through a day) So yes 500,000 x 2.99 = Almost $1,500,000.00 a month = $18,000,000 a year. SO YA Creating SPAM calls is big business for them and they have a motive. Why do I think this because if you have ever answered any of the calls, the people usually just hang up after a few seconds never try to get your CC number or anything, more just nuisance calls, Honestly I wouldn't put it past verizon having a company in india making the calls. 18 million reasons WHY each year and I am sure the 500,000 subscribers figure is LOW. Then they sound like they are the good guys going to help you fight this leading the way... ya right... I have many friends/relatives who have AT&T and they do not have this issue. Hopefully someone finds a way to create a class action lawsuit about their shady ways of selling your info.

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