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Wifi Calling?


So I'm a bit of a dinosaur and only just recently ditched an ancient flip phone for a new smart phone, a unlocked Moto G5 Plus from Best Buy, and unfortunately it has issues with call quality at my home out in the sticks. Specifically I can typically hear the person I'm talking with pretty much fine but they tend to complain about me cutting out when I'm talking. Also it makes no difference whether I've got "Enhanced 4G LTE" mode enabled or disabled the issue persists with signal strengths being anywhere from -115dBm to -125dBm inside my house.

Anyway because of that I was looking to try and turn on wifi calling but I see no option for it under settings. I have a friend with the same phone on T mobile and he has a wifi calling option so what gives? Is there something special I need to do to get it working or does Verizon not support WiFi calling? I'd hate to have to switch to Tmobile to solve this.

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