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Re: ZTE Axon 7


The Axon 7 *does* have a full Verizon radio set. It can be used on Verizon as long as you can deal with a few quirks. Verizon doesn't block it, and it works fine, though some users occasionally see issues where LTE connectivity is lost temporarily and the phone reverts to 3G/1X only. A SIM reset (using a GSM SIM) seems to clear this up.

The FCC docs very clearly show full Verizon has LTE B13, B4, and B2, and CDMA BC 0/1/10 with EvDO rev A. It works on 1X, 3G, and LTE just fine in my own experience. But, ZTE hasn't fully enabled CDMA support in the firmware and thus there are minor bugs. So, only fairly advanced users who are comfortable with radio settings and the like should use the Axon 7 on VZW for now. Hopefully ZTE will fix this soon as this is a great phone and the Verizon reception is outstanding.