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Re: Droid Maxx touchscreen not responding when placed in Otterbox case, help?

Líder Sénior

The built-in screen must be removed.  The lint and dust it trapped between it and the screen plus the near impossible ability to scroll properly was too much for me on my last couple phones.  Without the protector over the screen it isn't as taught, but the screen works and looks better.  I took a business card and folded it over and put a piece of it under the phone to bring back the front covers rigidity.  The protector just pops off since it is only thinly glued.  The plastic tabs/hooks will break the 3rd time you remove the plastic shell.  Does not void warranty to remove protector, as I have had to send in pictures for warranty claims when the rubber gets stretched out and floppy.  3rd Defender for same phone in a year.  But, I love it despite that.

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