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Re: what's up with 4g lte service in north charlotte nc?


Tamara and Marquia form VZW, Thanks for getting back!

The point I was trying to make was that my signal/speed was wonderful for the last 6 months then a few weeks ago it started getting 'flaky'. So I have to echo okidare's experiences (both). I had the same problem last year and after many calls and me physically driving to several towers and troubleshooting with support, they finally admitted "something was wrong" and they fixed it. I was just hoping I could get someone to check this time w/o going through outages and all that hassle. Last couple of days it has been better but still not like it was 3 weeks ago. I live in the sticks and I know you haven't suddenly had a bunch of farmers suddenly go out and get wireless. Most can get cable. I just happen to be unlucky enough to live on a short road between 2 highways where no one will ever find it cost effective to run fiber.