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Re: Home Fusion Data Usage


GinaDS, on May 28th 2014 from 1235 am to 904 am Verizon is trying to convince me and my wife that we used 53 GBs in that time frame. We all know when you go over you get a text telling you. Each text means 1 GB over and is from the same number that texted you before. Well to our suprise when we woke up we had 53 messages from 3 different numbers. The times between these text were saying we used 1GB of data in 7 min. All 3 numbers had us going over at different times also. I have spoken to many reps about this and even have had the magical "Gold Ticket" made up. But it doesnt seem to matter we never get called back and to this day we are still fighting with verizon to see if they can realize we didn't use this data. And by the way It is impossible to use 1 GB of data in 7 min. They are trying to say that our Direct TV is what used the data when it was downloading its software. But FYI when they do there download it goes through the sattalite not the internet. Anyways we get to call back on Friday to see if someone will come to there senses on the amount of data used in the time frame that it was used is impossible.