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LTE- San Francisco- Speeds are horrible


When I first got a VZ 4GLTE jet pack, I replaced my home internet over a year ago. I was getting speeds of over 10Mb/ 2Mb up at my home in the Haight area of SF 94117. The last 3 months speeds have been horrible.  I've tested speeds in different parts  of the city using Root metrics and on both my Jetpack and my HTC DNA phone.  I now receive  1-2Mb/1 if I'm lucky.  From July 18th-yesterday  I was averaging 384K and for half of sunday not getting any speeds.

My performance in downtown SF  has also deteriorated. I rarely get anything above  3Mb from my office on Pine and Front. Why am I paying a premium  for Vz LTE . I've been getting the same performance as Sprint's 3G.  Many of my peers in tech share the same frustration at Vz's lack of capacity planning for LTE.  Please advise on what is being done.

Muchas gracias


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