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Re: Signal Interference with Network Extender


When I was added to the Network Extender a while back, my phone would not connect to it for some reason. The Network Extender in our office is very slow as it is connected to the company network which is already bogged down. I would rather not be on it as I should be getting solid 4G where I sit. I have not moved from my location in the last year or so and have always had solid 4G.... Until the Network Extenders were added.

I cannot do much with our Company System as I am not an IT person. I sit directly under a GPS antenna. Others in my area on the Extender claim it is working for them. The other VZW customer that is not on the company plan that sits near me is having the same problems that I am having.

As soon as I get away from our building, my 4G comes back solid and I have no further issues.