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4G LTE Signal Abysmal


I live in the Pittsburgh area and I work in downtown Pittsburgh. As of May 2012, I had to give up my Droid Incredible because the 3G speed downtown was absolutely terrible. I always had full signal wherever I was downtown, but I was getting slower than dial-up speeds on my phone. I consistently was returning between 10-20 kbps when running a speed test downtown, and outside the downtown area I could get over 500 kbps pretty consistently.

That being said, I thought my solution was a 4G LTE phone so I upgraded to the Razr Maxx. I love the phone and think that the performance is great, and honestly for the first few weeks, I was extremely pleased. I could stream music / video and actually use my phone as a smartphone, downtown at work, again. As of the end of June, though, I have been steadily noticing that the 4G LTE signal has been dropping out from time to time, and the phone is syncing back up with the extremely slow 3G. It wasn't much of a problem before, but at this point, I would say that on average I have 4G LTE signal only about 5 minutes of every hour, so effectively, I now have a 3G smartphone again.

I have no idea what's causing this, but I'm not the only one that I've heard is having issues with this in downtown Pittsburgh. I've called and spoken to numerous Verizon representatives, one who told me he would open an incident ticket and I would be notified when it was complete (it's been over a month, haven't heard anything), and I've even been walked through completely restoring my phone to factory settings, but nothing has worked. As soon as I'm outside of downtown, I have full 4G LTE signal (in the areas I'm supposed to have it) and everything works great. When I bought the phone to have 4G LTE functionality at my workplace in downtown Pittsburgh and have it for approximately an hour of my 8 hour work day, I'm not too happy.

Is anyone else having similar issues in either Pittsburgh or other cities? What could be causing this? Network saturation? Are they throttling me because I'm still on unlimited data? I'd love to hear someone else's thoughts on this.

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