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Re: 4G Markets in WV


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This is obviously from a few weeks ago.  I am not sure if this (magical 4g) has been happening with anyone else's phone, but it has been happening with my phone frequently (a few times a week).  This typically occurs on the Evansdale Campus of WVU, although it has occurred elsewhere.  My phone will work fine on the 4g data network, and acts as though it is on Verizon (although I still can't send more than 160 character texts, another frustration).  Then the next second, literally, my phone will revert back to the 'extended network' and the dial up of the mobile data world, 1x.  Not sure why, maybe it is testing, and still probably no one will be informed until the 4g network becomes live in Morgantown, WV (if it ever happens at this point). 

Also, my phone is a Droid 4, and on my sister's phone, the iPhone 4, at the exact same time my phone says 4g, hers still says extended.  Once again, no idea why this is happening and would love to know.

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