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Re: Winegard Gateway GW-1000/Air 360+


Continuing the saga; today I contacted business support, and was basically told that unless I have a business account, I can't get them to check the IMEI. I figured this to be a rabbit hole. I asked them to transfer me to tech support, and lo and behold, the agent was able to associate the IMEI with a supported "hot spot" like device! 

They had to put it on my account as a phone, then mail the SIM card to me, next up, I get to activate it in the new device and it should get recognized as a device, not a phone. 

After reading my account, the agent offered to call me back to discuss the plan after activation. If anyone is reading this, stay tuned!

Side Note: I asked the agent to escalate on her end to get these instructions to people that need them, so Verizon can properly support boats and RV's with WiFi.