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Re: Upgraded from iPhone5 to iPhone7 - where's my 4g LTE Advanced? (32746)

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gbd3 wrote:

Just upgraded from iPhone5 to iPhone 7 expecting 4G LTE Advanced speed improvements.

Where is it? We are just NE of Orlando - 32746.

iPhone7+ on order to replace iPhone6+ expecting sharp increase in service speeds.

Am I going to be misled on this too?

Data test today -- iPhone6+

LTE - ping 44, download 9.3 mbps, upload 3.1 mbps

WiFi - ping 22, download 153 mbps, upload 17 mbps.

Where is an honest map on availability of 4G LTE Advanced.

The red sections on the Verizon map are misleading, I sense.

You are complaining about 9.3 Mbps down and 3.1 Mbps up is slowing you down? What are you doing on the phone where that speed is the limiting step? That is plenty to stream HD video.  Going from iPhone 6+ to iPhone 7 is not going to change your speed at all I suspect.

Speed is dependent on signal strength, number of concurrent users in the area, how much data those users are using, and the tower back-haul (tower connection to the Internet).

Did you try the crowd sourcing sites of or to see what others are getting in your area. These are based on actual real people connections and not an estimation based on signal strength formulas and estimates that you see on the Verizon map.

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