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Poor 4G in Houston Texas, 77027


Most of the time I only get 3G or no service at my house on my IPhone 6 Plus. It is rare that I see 4G on my phone, but I know that it exists. I have always liked Verizon for its coverage but since I moved to Houston, Tx, not so much. Houston is flat without mountains, so I would assume reception would be clear when I signed up with Verizon. I live on the top floor of a 6 story apartment complex and even when I'm outside on my balcony or out on the streets below, I get really poor reception. 100% of the time, recipients of my calls claim my voice breaks up and is inaudible when I'm at home or around my home in the 77027 zip code. Sometimes, my phone calls get dropped and I see no reception bars on my phone. WiFi is a little better, but still has issues after 5pm when I am unable to connect. However, I know the issue is not my phone as my phone reception massively improves when I leave the Houston city limits. What gives? Can you please boost/improve my network/cell phone connection in my zip code? Gracias.

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