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Re: Waiving ETF with bad reception


I thank you for the workarounds and the hope that Verizon adds some kind of WiFi to fix my issues, but I don't want workarounds.  In exchange for my cash, I expect service.  I called and they said "we don't guarantee service in buildings".  I'm fine with this policy because you never know who works or lives in a Faraday cage, but considering all the other major carriers have service here, so should Verizon.  I'm giving Verizon two more weeks of me calling them and waiting for a fix before I move myself and everyone on my plan to another carrier.  Everyone here in my office has said the same thing.  We're tired of waiting for Verizon to deliver on their end of our contract.  Thank you both, but it appears that there isn't really another solution other than workarounds for this.