The account also needs to be paid in full before trying to do a change.
My older phone was overheating because of a couple apps that were using wi fi to much. I changed the apps settings and had no more problem as Galaxy Class said.
Zagg has been on sale at Staples and Best Buy.
How do I update the tower list for my area or is this done by Verizon?
No, one account and same phone number will not work for two phones.
They are having problems and want to solve what they already have.
For me Apple is to limited in that across the board "what I can use apps". Music ,    message problems and special charger cords..I don't need the problems, I will take android.
I used my password and device manager and now have my phone to use again. Wanted to say thank you for helping and your correct answer.  
I had Sprint and it was a lot of 3G and very slow on data when you could find a signal, bad move.
I have a Google account and I'll try it. thank you
I locked my phone with the finger print and have lost my password?
I have had past problems with the Verizon VM app on two of my phones and I now use one from the PS.
I would do the exchange and you get a better phone, now you have a headache to deal with.
Go with Google, it works and so easy to use for backup. I never use the Cloud.
Thanks for the help!
My voice mail has been running slow and the phone store told me to clean my mail cache.
I had the same problem and this worked for me, I did however get some of those new install voice mail messages a couple a day for about 3 days and then it stopped.
I think there will be more and more phones using those new Hot processors with voice and data together coming in early 2015. I also have the 801 and for gaming it's fast with no bumps.
Verizon is building up the stock on this and they like to push phones on Thurs. But at best it's still a ???
I'm beginning to like Android 5.0 features, but it can be a little intimidating at first. Just take a few minutes (or days for some people) and  security is not really a big issue.