If the contract its over the process is the same
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Yes you can. But talk to Telesales 800-256-4646 they're the team who handle that change.
The SIM is "married" to the phone number, you need a new one.
By any chance, do you have an account #?
Create a a My Verizon Account
Call them 866-338-7390
Thank you sir!
Sure! www.htc.com 
You can call them here 866-449-8358 866-963-0953 BB
On Prepaid you pay the service in advance. You pay the next 30 days, so the money it's already spent. Thats why your balance is cero.
Cuando termine te llegara un sms solo tendras que marcar *228 opcion 1. Cualquier cosa llama al 800-922-0204
Hola, lo que estas experimentando se llama "SERVICIO MIXTO" y se arreglara una vez se termine la portabilidad y tu numero este en Verizon. Es normal.
This is really interesting!
First try to dial *228 op 2 to remove the roaming. But if you got a SIM go to a VZ store and request a new one (should be free) Call 888-294-6804 to find out was really going on.
If you don't pay in 3 months there won't be any account.
Get a Prepaid.
As prepaid you'll get data too...
For new activations is *22898
They could have the game downloaded on the phone.