She should have explained to you that a 'promise to pay' and a 'payment arrangement' are 2 different things. 
Because you do no work at Verizon 
Time to get a better provider as you mentioned 
Merry Christmas! 🎄 🎁  
You still got some free credits even though you deserved none. Quit while you're ahead 
Best of luck @ At&t
AT&T & Verizon have exactly the same product return, support and insurance procedures 
It sounds like you may not have submitted the rebate paperwork based on your post 
Reset the network connection 
No, since it's not an issue with your WiFi, it means it's an issue with your device, which Verizon did not make (they are your network provider)
Yes it does 
You should set it up to do that then 
Not really, Cotati is the smallest incorporated community in Sonoma county. Poor coverage areas are improved based on on the biggest needs for the region, not the smallest!
So just change to a plan that doesn't have line access charges 
Are you people serious? All companies are in business to make money (profit). They are not charities. 
Power of attorney 
I hope they find it, and that thief Miguel!!!