Sony Xperia Z3v audio issue


I have had my Sony Xperia Z3v for over a year.  Just yesterday the audio on my phone started not working.  I cannot hear ringing when I call someone.  Also, I cannot hear anyone talking on the other end unless I use the speaker phone.  I have tried all suggestions on every troubleshooting website, with no results.  Any new suggestions?

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Re: Sony Xperia Z3v audio issue

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Thank you for reaching out to us. We always want you to have the best device experience and I will be sure to get this resolved for you. Any liquid or physical damage? Is your device's software updated? You mentioned you did all the troubleshooting steps listed on our website. Can you provide these details so we do not repeat any previous steps taken?

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Re: Sony Xperia Z3v audio issue


I know it sounds silly but you may have unknowingly hit the vol down button while in a call.  This would only affect the vol while in a call.  Maybe try making a call and turning the vol up.