Re: I believe its time to leave Verizon. Really! Blocking the 950 & 950XL!


I read a Verizon White paper on their move away from CDMA.  Looking at the specifications of the 950XL wonder if Verizon is waiting to reduce their CDMA reliant devices.  Microsoft Lumia 950 XL specs.

I found articles regarding an AT&T Verizon merger.  That in itself was interesting, but maybe unlikely to happen.

So, I'm still disappointed just because of perceived politics of it all.  I will confess, even if I got a 950XL will get the Surface Phone.  And, trust me, whom ever's system it works on will have me as a customer.

Thanks for participating in my rant.  Maybe this all is part of the marketing schema to gage the need before release.  I agree with everyone's post.


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