Re: Looks like Verizon decided not to allow us to have Internet Sharing/Tethering Feature in Mango!!


Here's right from the articile:


First up is Internet Sharing, which you might know better as “tethering”. Starting today our hardware partners and mobile operators have the option to let you use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot so you can stay connected anywhere there’s a data connection. If this feature is enabled on your phone and by your carrier, you’ll see an additional “Internet Sharing” item under Settings. It’s pretty cool stuff and a feature that I’m really looking forward to using – I spend a LOT of time on the road and I hate it when I’m not connected, so this is a great option for me. And since Internet sharing lets you connect up to 5 devices at a time, I’ll be able to keep all of the PCs I travel with online when I’m on the go. I should note that this feature will only be available on new Windows Phones that have radios capable of broadcasting a connection; if you update your existing phone to 7.5, it won’t give it the ability to use Internet Sharing. (Although it would be cool if it did, right?)


So, as you can see/read... it's up to hardware partners and mobile operators to let us use this option.  I highly doubt the problem is on HTC side; since like another member mentioned that the older OS WinMobile 5-6.5 had this feature available.


I know the hidden wi-fi issue was a Microsoft issue which they finally threw the towel in and now allow us to use Hidden Wi-Fi Networks which is the only way I allow my network.  But Internet Sharing via my own Wi-Fi connection should be up to me to decide and not the Mobile Carrier if we are not using our Data Connection/Plan in this case Verizon.


If what Microsoft is saying is true, they have this option enabled on the OS side and given the final right to the Hardware Partner (HTC) or Mobile Carrier (Verizon) to allow this.  I leaning toward Verizon, since HTC even came out with an App when the Trophy was released to allow Hidden Wi-Fi Networks, but Verizon has this feature disabled with the patched OS version.  So I am thinking that it's Verizon once again that has this feature disabled behind the scenes...


I hope that there will be a fix or an update or some kind of patch or hidden commands that will allow us into the phones OS to enable this feature... It's using our own Wi-Fi connection and not Verizon's data connection, so we should have all the rights in the world to tether any Wi-Fi connection we have.


Do you all agree???



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