Re: Welcome to the Verizon Community - Introduce yourself


Hello, my name is Max.  I live in San Francisco and manage my sister's verizon broadband connection, she lives in rural New Hampshire, since 10 years or so.  She is new to computers but the internet has helped her a lot to stay connected with friends and family. 

Now that she's getting more savvy with social networking, email and those, I can't tell how much data she needs.  So far it's only been text so not a problem, but with a more modern computer, she might be getting video ads, or even playing music or youtube, I don't know.  Hard to see where the gigabytes go.

Anyway, I've been happy that we can pull this off.   This community offers another resource for me in that space.

Me, I'm a long retired engineer (MIT systems) with broad interests, still a geek ever a geek.