Re: How much will my cancellation fee be if I've paid off my phone?



Good morning! I'm not sure why you are WRITTING me. I did not post that. I read it where someone else posted it? But I HAVE NEVER OWED VERIZON A DIME FOR A PHONE. I BROUGHT MY OWN PHONE WITH ME WHEN I CAME TO VERIZON!!!! In the beginning which has been over a year ago now I would have left Verizon due to my bill being so high and not having home wifi like I had before AND BEING SOLD A PRODUCT I DID NOT EVEN NEED -

and STILL NO HOME WIFI, it is pretty depressing coming from a disabled persons perspective.

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You still haven't named the router that you were speaking about.

I have a feeling that you may be thinking that Verizon Wireless is responsible for your home service and they aren't. That may have to go to Verizon. They are 2 separate companies.

Please elaborate more on what you mean when you say didn't get something that you paid for.