After more than 10 years as a Verizon customer I am leaving because of their association with the fraudulent company ASURION. I and multiple other Verizon customers have been fraudulently billed wireless Insurance fees (which I don't have) by this company. When I called Verizon the customer service agent assured me that this was the first she heard of it and they had nothing to do with this company. But when I checked Verizon own web site they advertise wireless insurance provided buy,you guest it, ASURION!! Also on their commuity forums there is multiple posts buy other customers complaining about fraudulent charges from this company, which Verizon has now locked so no additional posts can be added. check your credit card bills and bank statments for fraudulent charges from this company and don't believe Verizon customer service when they say this is the first they have heard of it! Check the web, there are numerous threads. About fraud from ASURION and there association with Verizon. Although Verizon will tell you all the other wireless providers use ASURION for their insurance there is no fraud being reported from them.

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