Re: A very big issue that needs assistance asap. (Switcher program disaster)


I have had it with the switcher program ... You are not informed that it will take 60 days to complete the processing of the reimbursement.  Trading it in to you old provider is a better choice  they will give you the same amount based on the evaluation of you device. This switcher program is not convenient. It is set up to pay you after you have pulled 650 dollars out of you pocket to pay of your old bill which includes the  additional 790 you will have o pay in fees for a total of $1442 out of pocket if you have switched 2 lines. What ever you do don't do it .... It is a trap.  After the 60 days you  have to wait an additional amount of time for the repayment to be mailed out..... I am still  waiting on reimbursement.