Re: activation fee waiver


Activation fees are charged to VZW when a new line is activated. They pass that cost on to the customer. Activation fees have been art of cell phones forever. They aren't new.

Also, you have been a regular member of this community for a while now. You should understand that this is how it is. If there isn't a specific promotion from VZW for activation fee waivers then you're not likely to get it. As far as what a rep said, remember the last paragraph in your customer agreement.

Este Acuerdo y los documentos que incorpora constituyen el acuerdo completo entre usted y nosotros. Usted no puede basarse en ningún otro documento o declaración sobre dichos asuntos vertida por los representantes de ventas o Servicio al Cliente, y no tiene otros derechos con respecto al Servicio o a este acuerdo.

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