Re: Didn't pay security deposit, now what?


The 2g contract plan + service access fee. I had purchased a phone at Walmart, came home to activate it. Ended up activating thru the prepaid plan instead so I paid 50 bucks for the failed contract (no option to cancel, just to approve the 125 deposit), then 40 for the successful prepaid plan.

I did call customer service, got transferred thrice to prepaid (who told me each time they can't see postpaid info so to call postpaid), I talked to postpaid who said to 'wait it out'. But waiting out 5 days isn't super easy when the extra 50 buck charge is making it now impossible to pick up groceries 😕 At least if I KNEW it'd be refunded I could figure something out in the meantime, but I don't want to borrow money when I know I won't be able to pay it back within a timely manner.