Re: Upgrade buyout or switch providers

JJD5006 wrote:

Perhaps you took the meaning of "locked in" too literally? ETF for a contract is essentially a lock in. And i have no intention of paying the balance off the old phone in order to get the s8. Especially since every other provider will pay that off to switch. My point is why would i pay that device buyout with verizon, and then upgrade when another provider will pay the device buyout+ETF to get me to switch, and ill get the S8 through whatever financing i wish. Being that paying the buyout in order to upgrade is the only option with verizon currently.

ETF is NOT a lock in. ETF is how Verizon recuperates the difference of the discounted price you paid and what they pay for you get the phone. You are ALWAYS free to break that 2 yr service agreement as long as you pay the ETF.

You pay off the current DPP because you want to get a new phone. Plain and simple. YOU agreed to pay the WHOLE cost of the phone of 24 months with the option of paying the balance in full at anytime. Whether you pay the balance in monthly payments or you pay it all at once, you're still paying the same amount.

What it really seems like is that you like to sign contracts but not adhere to them. Also, that you don't really want to stay with VZW.

That is your choice.