Verizon doesn't care about their customers or providing good customer service or honor their promise


I have been a Verizon customer since 2001 and before that I was an Alltel
customer who was acquired by Verizon.  I am a plan owner that has 5 lines
on it.  I visited a Verizon corporate store in Appleton, WI on 10/6/16 to
make several changes. 

One of the lines on my account upgraded from a basic phone to an Apple
iphone SE that day.  I also made a plan change that day to move from the
More Everything plan to "The New Verizon" plan.  The advisor I
was working with said that we needed to make the plan change effective on
10/8/16 as that was the first day of my billing cycle.  So, we activated
the iphone SE first, made the plan change and then we wanted to upgrade three
other phones on my account from two Iphone 6's and one Iphone 6 plus to Iphone
7's and 7plus.  The advisor told us that we couldn't order them that day
or our account would be locked out because of the plan change that she
initiated.  She said we could order them online or come back in the store
to order them (no stock in store) no sooner than
10/9/16.  We tried ordering these phones online on 10/9, 10/11 and
had various problems that prevented us from
ordering.  One problem was the pricing on the website did not
jive with the pricing we were quoted in the store so we did not order them
online and had to make another trip to the store.  My Mom and her husband
who are retired have the two iphone 6's and they were able to get to a
different Verizon store on 10/12 in Oshkosh, WI to order theirs and I
went to the same corporate store in Appleton, WI I was at the previous
week when I attempted to order my phone.  They told me that the promotion
was over.  (Promotion was $550 trade in value on my 6 plus)  I
explained that I tried to order it the previous week and because of the plan change
they turned me away and told me I couldn't order that day.

I asked to speak to a manager to honor the promotion because I was
turned away the previous week because their system couldn't handle making
anymore changes after the plan change was initiated.  Manager was very
flippant and essentially told me he couldn't believe that I was turned away and
that I had a week to order the phones.  I explained that we were told we
couldn't even do that until 10/9 at the soonest and explained about the issues
with online ordering.  He basically did not care.  He didn't even
bother telling me what the current promotion was for trade in of my iphone and
offered me no assistance in upgrading my phone. I also had another line on my
account that I was going to inquire about upgrading my Husband's Samsung.
They had no interest in offering any further assistance but tell me that they
would not offer the promotion.  I said that you will be losing two lines
on my account if you can't offer some assistance.  He just shrugged his
shoulders and let me walk out the door.

I proceeded to get home and call Verizon customer support and spoke to a
very nice woman who seemed outraged that I was turned away from ordering and
she even said "They couldn't figure out how to cancel the plan change and
order your phones?!?" She said that the people in the stores are sales
driven and it is unheard of to turn away customers that want to order
phones.  She said she would see what she could do for me.  She tried
several options over the course of over an hour on the phone and several stints
of putting me on hold, but couldn't come back to meet the promotion I was going
to take advantage of the previous week.  The BEST deal she could offer me
would still cost me more than originally quoted because of the
incompetence of the sales person I was working with.  I explained
that it is imperative that Verizon correct their wrong or they would lose my
line, my husband's line and they would not get the new business of a new line
that we are going to get for my son for Christmas.  She said she was sorry
but couldn't do anything for me.  I said, what do we need to do to get
this elevated so that the store has some sort of repercussion for their
treatment of me in this situation.  She proceeded to keep me on the line
while she continued to fill out a form.  It was taking forever for her to
do this and this was after it was clear she could do nothing for me.  I
asked her if I was going to hear something back as to how this will be dealt
with.  She had to put me on hold to ask her supervisor and she came back
to tell me that she was filling out an internal form and I wouldn't hear
anything back from my complaint.  I said, then you don't need to waste
anymore of my time since I will not be a Verizon customer much longer, just
until I can make a switch. 

At no point in any of my dealings with store personnel or 800 customer
support did they say or act as if they valued me as a long time customer.
It is because of this I will be leaving Verizon unless someone can right the
wrong I have experienced.

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