Deleted voicemails


About three weeks ago I attempted to listen to several voicemails that I had saved from as far back as 4 years ago.  Some were of my Mother who now suffers from dementia and I cherished being able to listen to her messages prior to her being afflicted as she still remembered me.  I also had several that were of my Godson as he was just learning to talk.  I did not delete these and I used to listen by pressing 9 and hearing my saved messages,  Occasionally Verizon would send me a message to let me know that certain messages would be deleted unless I resaved them.  I always resaved these special ones.  Now it appears that they are gone.  Is there anyway to get these back and if not why did Verizon do this without notice.  I just received a text message today that as of 11/21 all old messages would be deleted. Please help.

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