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Do I think Verizon cares much?   No.  They just don't.

Do I believe any carrier falsifies data totals to rip off customers?  Nope.  Not worth the FCC hammer drop and fines as they would get caught.

Do I think they [Removed] up, which might cause a discrepancy?  Very rarely, but sure.

With a couple hundred million customer, the notion they pick on a handful to deliberately jack up and over charge for data is tin foil hat thinking.  Especially with unlimited plan offerings.  Since you aren't billed for overage and they keep bumping plan sizes up, it just doesn't make any sense.  What do they gain?

Significant delays in data reporting due to roaming is likely.  Roaming totals are out of Verizon's hands, and reported by another carriers towers.

Could they be inaccurate?   Don't know.  What does the phone show?

Delay in reporting occurs on other carriers, including mine - ATT.   When tracking data use on my phones and tablet, the ATT totals are always within a few MBs. 

Have you investigated the postpaid coverage in your area?  It may cost more, but you might actually be covered rather than roaming on partner networks.  Just a thought.

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