Re: Mobile Data usage while on wifi

Líder Sénior

dtj122389 wrote:

Thanks. So, what you are basically telling me that even when I am using my home wifi and I have a good wifi internet connection, my phone is still using mobile data.

Nope.  I'm saying that data used during the day isn't reported right away.  It can take up to 72 hours, especially when roaming.  If you have almost no cellular at home, it's EXTREMEMLY unlikely your phone will use any cellular. 

If that is so, then it is not right. Also, what I was saying about my roaming signal is that I barely even get that at home when I use the mobile network when I am outside. 99% of the time, my phone shows that I am roaming even when the coverage maps show I am in a LTE coverage area. I understand that the maps are just an approximation of coverage but the nearest dead zone is five to six miles away. I know that dead zone very well. No one and no carrier has any signal in that area. So why is Verizon saying that I am in a marginal coverage area when the maps clearly state that I have at least a moderate LATE signal. These are really the only problems I have. Being that the other carriers in my area have no signal around my house until I go about two to three miles down the road, Verizon is really the only viable option. Anyways, thanks for your reply. It does help me to.know why all this is going on. I was originally thinking that the data I was using over wifi was being counted as mobile data. Evidently, that is not totally the case.

The analogy I use is checking accounts.  You write several checks to pay people.  Some go to the bank and cash your check and the money comes of your balance right away.  Most deposit the check in their account and it clears over night out of your account.  If you mail a check it might be a week before it clears (that would be the roaming). 

If you are often roaming during the day, it might take 3 days to clear.  So you see crazy data used on the weekend when your home, but it is only, finally being reported from Tuesday Wednesday during the week.