Mobile Data usage while on wifi


Hello. I have talked to Verizon executive customer service about this and they told me something that disturbs me. I have home wifi with my cable provider and my phone still uses mobile data even when I am connected to WiFi. I was told that I have to manually cut off the mobile data to keep my mobile data from being used while I am on wifi. Now, my problem is why do I have to do it? My phone, if it is as smart as it is said to be, should automatically know when I am on wifi and just use the WiFi period.  That is why they are called SMARTPHONES. This really aggrevates me. Also, why am I being told that my phone uses more data on a 1X signal than a 4G LTE signal? That does not even sound right. The executive customer service representative said that I am connected longer due to the slow speed and that uses more data. None of that even sounds rights. Why should my phone use more data on a slower signal? One more thing, the Verizon wireless website coverage maps show that I am in a LTE coverage​ area. If that is the case, then why am I getting a roaming or 1X signal? I haven't been complaining about it much until now because i have to go up the road about a mile when I leave home just to make a call. I do have wifi calling when I am home, so that part is a non-issue. My problem is having to go up the road about a mile and turn on airplane mode and turn it back off to get a sufficient signal to make a call. Most of the time, I am roaming. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. Gracias.

P.S. Please, do not pull the wool over my eyes. I know when I am being taken advantage of.

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