I am having the same issue. I barely use data. I have a 1GB plan and only use on average 500MB per month. Over the past few months I have not even used 100MB. I am around wifi 99% of the time and manage my data religously. I check to make sure my wifi is turned on and data off multiple times every time i am around wifi. Even when i go other places i rarely use data. I have 14 days left on my billing cycle and Verizon is saying that i have used 65GB in just a few days. I say again 65GB in a few days. I reset my data statistics on my phone at the start of each billing cycle and it reads 57MB which i know is off by 8MB because i used 8MB before i reset it last month. So only 65MB used out of 1GB. I have 7 to 8 forms of proof that i have not used that much data and that their system has an error. Also one of the proofs is that the system said the other day that i used 16363828735271863627% of my data, which is clearly a system error then yesterday the system showed 65GB. I plan to go to Verizon with my various forms of proof and fight this. I hear it has been happening to alot of people recently.