My wife and I have been Verizon customers for over 15 years.  We have a 250MB plan which is low for 2 phones.  However, my wife and daughter mainly use WiFi and rarely ever use the mobile data.  However, our previous billing cycle showed a short overage of the plan and then recently I find out that for this billing cycle our account is showing that we used over 26 GBs which is outrageous (charges are over $1,000).  They did not use all of this data, it is absolutely false.  I spoke to Verizon tech. support until past midnight and was told that their diagnostic shows that my wife's phone on one day last week recently used over 23 GBs which is untrue.  How can someone use that much data in 1 day anyway? I will listen to Youtube programs at times on my work phone when traveling for approx. 2-1/2 hours on the road and don't even use 0.5 GBs.

Is anyone else experiencing false data overages?  I checked both phones and mobile data is off yet VZ indicates that data has been used.  I am at a loss at this point.  We are not going to pay for the overages and may end up cancelling VZ and moving to AT&T if this does not get resolved.

Angry and Frustrated!

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