Re: Asurion Ruins Everything

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JRCharney wrote:

Today is Friday, October 7, 2016. My ELEVENTH DAY without a phone. And the "Asurion backorder" is still in effect, with now Hurricane Matthew being used as an excuse for why I (and man other people in my stituation) are still waiting on a phone replacement. Last I checked there are no hurricanes on Nashville where Asurion is headquarted, no hurricane force winds keeping the planes grounded on the tarmac at Memphis International where FedEx and UPS have hubs, and it is a nice day in St. Louis where the sun is shining. So explain exactly where in the supply chain their is a back order? Where is the bottleneck in your logistics system that makes it OK for Asurion to NOT resolve this claim before my next doctor appointment?

I want you, VERIZON not ASURION, to give me my replacement phone. The exact make and model. Black Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The good lord knows Asurion is in no rush to do it even with the $200 deductible!

First of all, Assurion does not provide you with a "new" phone. They provide your with a refurbished phone. They don't go out and purchase "new" phones to replace your stolen phone. The "backorder" in the supply chain is Assurion waiting for a refurbished unit to send you.

Additionally, you are paying Assurion for your insurance coverage. Verizon simply acts as a conduit to deliver the funds to Assurion so that you don't have 2 bills to pay. You can always go with a different insurance provider in the future if you are unhappy with Assurion. Square Trade comes to mind or add a rider to your homeowners policy for cellphones. If you are unhappy with how Assurion works, I would suggest not purchasing their product in the future. In fact I NEVER suggest purchasing insurance on a cell phone. I never have nor do I plan on it in the future.Smiley Happy

Verizon is not going to provide the replacement device when you are paying a different company for the coverage.