Does Mobile Hotspot in phones work at all?


I've been having trouble with using Mobile Hotspot with my verizon devices for a while now.

While it's not a huge dealbreaker, but when i need to use my phone as a hotspot, the connection keeps dropping and constantly timeouts to the point of being unusable.

I've had it happen with my Nexus 6P, LG G2, and most recently, Galaxy S6, so i believe it's not a device issue, but Verizon.

Just now i set up a Hotspot on my phone, then tried to connect to it on my Surface Pro. The network found, passcode entered, automatically connect checked, but it kept dropping the connection. And my phone randomly flashes the "Connected Device" name, but mostly states "no devices connected"

Has anyone else encountered this problem? I've tried setting up the hotspot in various ways, but still no connection. Is there a conspiracy by verizon to limit hotspots on mobile devices in order to sell more of the Mi-Fi devices?

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