Re: How can we verify if an email survey request from a 3rd party is valid?

Líder Sénior

How many thousands (?) or even hundreds of thousands of "companies" send out surveys?  How is Verizon, or any carrier, or email provider, supposed to keep track of legitimacy of these surveys?  The onus is on us, as comsumers, to be wise and discerning - just because it was received on a Verizon phone, or even at a email address, does not make it Verizon's responsibility to screen what you receive.

There are tools on nearly all email providers to identify obvious spam, and you can configure it further to screen out addresses that you don't want to receive. 

From the other side - in my business I'll occasionally send surveys to customers for feedback - through survey monkey or something similar, and it comes from my small business name .... no email provider can possibly track ALL the possibilities.  If you are suspicious and don't think it's legitimate, delete it and move on.