Re: I'm in the largest city in Carroll County Maryland (Westminster) and my service is terrible. I never have more than 3 bars and usually just two. My calls are dropped everytime I move my head! I resent having to buy a booster to have decent service

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Thanks for the helpful details. We know it's crucial to have coverage everywhere. What zipcode is this issue occuring in? Wireless devices use radio transmissions; therefore many factors can play a part in how your device receives our signals. Some factors include terrain, foliage, weather and buildings. It becomes more difficult to guarantee service inside a building because there are different types of materials used in the structure, some that restrict signals more than others. The Network Extender functions like a miniature cell tower and extends the signal inside your home. The Network Extender provides enhanced quality and coverage for your calls, and you will benefit by having fewer dropped calls and a greater coverage area in your home - up to 5,000 square feet .

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