Verizon Denying promotional offers


Verizon offered A $200 trade-in for purchasing a Motorola turbo 2 phone. I have been waiting for two weeks to get the promotional code to start the trade in process. Upon calling Verizon today to find out where the code is I was told that such a promotion never existed and therefore the most they can give me is $28.00. 56 minutes on the phone most of it being put on hold for Verizon to tell me that no such offer ever existed. I have spoken with multiple Verizon employees over the phone, chats on the website, and three different Verizon stores speaking with both employees and managers of those stores, all telling me about this promotional offer only now to be told that it didn't ever exist. In their stores they have this promotional offer in writing. They are now reneging on this offer.

I will fight Verizon on this, where do I begin the fight against Verizon to honor the promotion that was offered to me multiple upon multiple occasions? If they think that I am just a stupid sucker who will say OK and walk away they are wrong.

I have no problem taking Verizon to court over this. I have Verizon managers and employees hand writing on paper offering this promotion so they cannot deny that it ever existed because they wrote it down and gave it to me.

What's my first step to take before I contact my attorney?

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