Verizon Wireless Subscription Customer Service Review


I do have AT&T wireless (one of those family share) and much contented on the service; have been a long time customer. Took VZN wireless subscription as a test drive on how good VZN wireless service is and to get Fios as well in one billing statement.

Both AT&T and VZN are reliable in signal quality depending on where you are.

Have spoken with AT&T chat agents only; mixed reviews.

Have spoken with VZN chat and phone technical agents; both experiences are great.

But have yet to review the non-technical agents since I rarely call them; so the review is to follow after my recent request to the non-technical agent. If she did my request properly and submitted it or not.

The Reason(s) of VZN Wireless Subscription Cancellation:

  • Still no Fios service in my address; got tired of waiting.
  • Initially got the wireless service, as a test drive, hoping to get a Fios service available at my address soon; got tired of waiting.
  • Was hoping to bundle both the wireless service and Fios service.
  • Financial reasons; was hoping I could save more when I bundle wireless service and Fios service.

So I hope Verizon puts their act together and have Fios availability to all areas instead of only on limited or selected areas.

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