Switcher Credit Fraud


When my wife and I first signed up with Verizon, we were told we would receive a $150 "Switcher Credit" for switching from AT&T to Verizon.  After several months and no sign of this credit I called Verizon, several times actually.  I was told that we did not qualify for the credit that we were promised because we did not have smart phones.  No mention of this additional requirement was made when we signed up, only that we would receive this credit as a result of switching from AT&T (name and employee ID on file).  Several calls later, demanding that Verizon make good on the promise that they made to us, and they absolutely flatly refuse to issue us this credit even though we were promised the $150 "Switcher Credit" when we signed up with Verizon.

I have already filed a complaint at the Consumer Affairs website and I'm actively looking for any and all means to make this fraud as public as possibe.  If we hadn't purchased Verizon phones and paid so much money not only for the phones but for their activation, we would have cancelled our Verizon account and gone elsewhere.  This is the kind of shady business dealing the public never hears about, and because Verizon flatly refuses to make good on a promise they made to us, I plan to make it as public as I possibly can.  Verizon can circumvent this negative publicity by making good on the promise they made to us when we first signed up, and issue the $150 "Switcher Credit" that they said they would in order to gain our business.  Making good on their promise would redeem Verizon for me and mine.

We are about as unhappy as we can possibly be over the fraud that was perpetrated against us, and nobody at Verizon seems to care.

$150 is alot of money to us, a drop in a bucket for a company like Verizon.

Make good on your promise to us Verizon!

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