Cellular Sales vs. Verizon - early termination fees


Bought 6 phones from my local "Verizon store". In Oct 2014 cancelled Verizon to go with Sprint. Paid Verizon $1,245 in early termination fees on 6 phones. My understanding was this reimbursed them for discounts received on phones. Now, 6 months later, received letter from attorney for Cellular Sales stating I owe them $961 for "defaulted retail installment contract". How can I owe both Verizon and Cellular Sales for the discounted phones? I have never received any type of billing from Cellular Sales, and didn't know they existed separate from Verizon until receiving this attorney letter. My belief was I purchased the phones from Verizon at their store. Anyone have any experience or knowledge regarding this? Gracias.

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