Do Customer Service Reps reference notes from previous CSRs?

Getting 1-2 bars of service and 3G data at home. I'm paying $200+ per month for this and in contracts of two years at a time. First Verizon CSR offers the fix-all service extender, a device that's going to come out of my pocket for $250? She says it'll be sent (when not out of stock) for free.

When it is in stock, I call back, go through the entire process of explaining my situation and the CSR tells me it isn't possible and that $50 off the Samsung extender is the best he can do. He switches it to $75 after I say I'm done.

I get ready to port out and am thanking the phone carrier wars for these ETF buyouts and the last CSR I speak to tells me they just need to finish investigating the situation and then they'll be able to send the device out for free.

I follow up today, and it's now 50% off the device is suddenly the best Verizon can do.

I think if there was a consistent company policy or if the CSRs wrote down the notes they said they'd write down, and the next CSRs read them... I wouldn't be leaving thinking how uncoordinated the customer service is.

Done here.

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Re: Do Customer Service Reps reference notes from previous CSRs?

From what I've read from other posters, it seems to be hit or miss. Notes are sometimes not entered at all and if they are they may not be clear to the next rep.

From my own experience, notes from my interactions with CS are there. But I've never had any major issues or support sagas.

There may be a consistent policy. Who knows? Even if there is sometimes it's tough to get everyone to follow it.

Sorry you're having issues. I hope everything works out for you!