Re: Why am I being charged when the web is blocked?


Just to let everyone know, I called Verizon Wireless again this morning.  We got the problem sort of resolved.  I did have everything blocked as it should be.  The woman I talked to today was much more helpful than the man yesterday.  She got her supervisor involved because she couldn't understand why I was charged either.  The reason?  There is none.  They took the charge off the invoice and told me if it happened again to call and let them know.  When they looked the mb charge up on their line, there was no time usage at all.  It should have never charged our account. 


If you have the web blocked you should not be charged for the mb.  I don't know who the man was I talked to yesterday but I certainly hope he doesn't answer if I ever have to call again.  He should have checked into the matter further.


For all of you out there, please make sure you check over your bills careully! 



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