Re: Proposal for account owner alert if minutes are about to go over


Hi . . . yes, this is a great feature that many of us have (myself included) usually "después" a problem of severe sudden use arises.   In the Lyn's case (which prompted me to make the request) she had no idea the minutes were being run through the roof until the end of the month when it was too late.    Once you realize you're got a problematic user in the house you can then pay for this protection.


The problem here is she didn't know until it was too late.   What I'm proposing is for Verizon to have a simple courtesy alert notification to the account owner once whenever your plan minutes have been surpassed.    They send us e-mails all the time for all sorts of advertisements and things.   It would be helpful to at least offer this as a courtesy option to an account owner to be notified that an overage has occurred within the plan.


THEN once a parent realizes that little junior needs such controls, they can then pay each month for the "usage control" constant protection from that point forward.

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